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The production of special-purpose machines, equipment and production lines

We will design fully automatic or semi-automatic equipment or even comprehensive production lines for you, in which industrial robots will find their applicability. We will programme everything in such a manner that the individual operations will follow precisely, thereby streamlining the production. All the devices are manufactured in accordance with the applicable standards and with the in-house regulations of our customers.

Designing in accordance with both the mechanical and the electrical aspects is implemented in Eplan. Custom metalwork. Electric-installation works associated with the device. Programming work. Installation and commissioning at the customer’s premises.

The production of switchboards

We manufacture switchboards to order in accordance with the customer’s project documentation with the alternative possibility of preparing our own documentation in Eplan. We also carry-out renovations and modifications to existing switchboards, including obtaining the requisite documentation. Additionally we also conduct revisions of the switchboards and prepare the implementation projects.

Switchboards for machines and production lines. Switchboards for measurement and control. Installation and commissioning at the customer’s premises.

Servicing of the Siemens control systems

We provide servicing of the Siemens control systems – Simatic S5, S7, Sinumerik, Simodrive – including fault diagnostics at the customer’s premises and software modifications.